About Refer

Refer is a free service that lets you memorialize, track, and manage attorney-to-attorney referrals.

Do I have to install anything?

No. Just sign in from any desktop or mobile device.

Why should I use Refer to send and receive attorney referrals?

  • Instant, e-signed referral agreements generated by a neutral third party.
  • View updates, fee terms, case status, projected fees, and more in one place.
  • Track past and upcoming referral income.
  • Sort and search referrals by attorney, client, status, date, or case type.
  • Leave feedback for attorneys you've referred to, and build good feedback to gain more referral opportunities.
  • Organize and grow your referral network.

How does the referral process work?

  1. Tell us who to send the referral to, the case and client details, and your fee terms. The receiver doesn't have to be a registered user.
  2. We'll send them a link to view the referral, with client contact info withheld.
  3. If the referral is accepted, the receiver e-signs your fee agreement (if applicable). Client contact info is revealed, and both parties receive a confirmation PDF, which is also stored in your account.
  4. Track fees, view status, communicate about the case, and leave feedback from your free account.

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My state Bar prohibits referral fees or fee sharing.

Refer is designed to memorialize and manage referrals strictly between licensed attorneys.

In many jurisdictions, rules allow referring attorneys to create fee sharing arrangements not allowed in consumer-to-attorney referrals. For more information, check the applicable rule for your jurisdiction.

As a neutral third-party platform, we do not attest to the validity of any referral agreement. When sending or receiving a referral, you are responsible for compliance with applicable rules.

I don't pay or accept referral fees.

You can also use Refer to send, memorialize, track, and organize complimentary referrals (including past referrals).

If you send referrals within your own contacts and network, Refer can help you identify your best referral sources and opportunities over time.

Can I add previous referrals?

Yes. You can add current and prior referrals to your account, even if you didn't send them through Refer. In addition, if the receiving attorney signs up and confirms the referral, you can leave feedback for them.

What if I accept a referral through Refer, but don't end up representing the client?

Simply change the case status to "Didn't Represent Client". The sending attorney cannot leave feedback on cases which did not result in actual representation. Learn more about feedback.

Can I export a copy of my records?

Yes. You can export your referral data to an Excel spreadsheet or download referral confirmation PDFs at any time.

More questions?
Our online help desk answers many frequently asked questions.

  • Alexander Koffler Probate Attorney (Ft. Lauderdale, FL) "Refer is a great professional tool and a time saver. It provides a convenient way to issue, receive, memorialize and organize referral agreements."
  • Justin Parafinczuk Board Certified Trial Lawyer (Ft. Lauderdale, FL) "I often receive referrals from colleagues who want my firm to litigate their cases. Refer gives me valuable exposure to attorneys looking to refer cases in South Florida."
  • Andrew Chan Business Law Attorney (San Francisco, CA) "I’ve used Legl Refer’s attorney directory to find local co-counsel. It’s a great way to expand my referral network."
  • Mark Glassman Medical Malpractice Attorney (Plantation, FL) "My firm relies heavily on attorney referrals, which we used to track through email. Legl Refer has made it much easier to manage our referrals."