Legl API is currently in private beta.

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using legl api

The API uses Oauth2 over SSL. You can create and manage keys from your account.

The API accepts only JSON requests. Make sure you're setting Content-Type: application/json in your request header.

Each request returns a JSON-encoded body.

The API is currently in private beta, so public documentation is still a work in progress.

leads api

  • post a lead

    To add a new lead to our system, POST to https://api.legl.co/v1/leads.

    Required fields: name, phone, email, details, affiliateID, sourceID

    Optional fields: internal

    Your affiliateID and sourceID are in your account dashboard.

    Example response: { "data": {  "lead_id": 100  }  }

    Further documentation coming soon.

  • get lead properties

    To view a lead's properties, GET to https://api.legl.co/v1/leads/{id}. Further documentation coming soon.

  • get lead status & history

    To see a lead's current status and history, GET to https://api.legl.co/v1/leads/{id}/status. Further documentation coming soon.

directory api

  • search attorneys

    Documentation coming soon.

  • list by location and category

    Documentation coming soon.

  • get attorney profile

    Documentation coming soon.