The world's first legal lead gen affiliate program

Start selling valuable consumer leads with just a few lines of code.


No messy affiliate links or cookies. Send leads via API, or use our convenient Wordpress plugin.


We handle lead verification, pricing, sale, payment, and Bar compliance.


Qualified leads sell for up to $300, depending on the type of legal issue.

How It Works

  • Get Started
    1 Sign up for a free affiliate account and get an API key.
    2 Create a simple lead submission form anywhere in your web or mobile properties.
    3 Use your API key to have your form securely send leads to us.
  • Sell Leads
    1 When we receive your lead, one of our friendly operators will qualify it by phone, SMS, or email.
    2 Once the lead is qualified, it is priced and becomes available for purchase by local attorneys.
    3 If an attorney buys the lead, you receive 50% of the purchase price.
  • Get Paid
    1 The purchasing attorney has two business days to verify that the lead is not fraudulent.
    2 Your commission payment is issued within three business days of the lead purchase.
    3 Receive your payment via PayPal or ACH transfer, with no minimum payment thresholds.

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